Thursday, 7 February 2013

Start where you are, with who you have

Within local faith communities it is probable that the most obvious issues are those associated with older people. These may include

  • Disability
    • Access - to both worship and social space; 
    • Access to information - newsletter and general information;
    • Sight - from seeing the surroundings e.g. where doors are or where there is a floor rug, to being able to read the hymns; and
    • Hearing - the service leader, the music and other people attending.
  • Ill health
    • Continence; and
    • Short-term memory loss. 
  • Food issues
    • Chosen diets;
    • Allergies and intolerances;
    • Diabetes; 
    • Wearing dentures; and
    • Difficulties with digesting some foods e.g. fats and hot spices.
  • Poverty leading to difficulties with
    • Transport;
    • Being able to contribute e.g. buy flowers; and
    • Going out on trips etc.
  • Lack of confidence
    • Some older people will struggle say with hymn books but may not have the confidence to say anything or feel that they should not complain; and
    • If the weather is poor or in the evening when it is dark older people may be worried about going out.
I will write separate posts for each section.

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